God Over Night…

happens over a lifetime

Don’t cry for me

My list is just beginning or today could be the last day I add something to it; because one day I will cease to take another breath. One day I will not will not wake up and say good morning children! One day I will not be here to kiss my husband’s lips or apply band aides to boo boo’s. But it’s okay. Don’t cry for me on that day because…

I have felt the breath of God on my soul

I have felt love on my lips

I have been called mommy

I have been called true friend

I have seen the stars proclaim God’s glory

I have seen the crystal blue waters of the ocean

I have seen sorrows and felt pain for others

I have climbed mountains

I have been shown compassion by others

I have been shown love by my dad.

I have seen the first steps of my daughters

I have been called aunt

I have shared the Word with others

I have heard the giggles of my children down the hall

One thought on “Don’t cry for me

  1. I’m holding back the tears…lol…good perspective. There’s many people who haven’t experienced what you have yet hey…like I’m not a Daddy yet…one day!

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